Sophia Oppel

Sophia Oppel / sounds to navigate a rhizome

Below is documentation of my performance of an interactive interface; this work takes the form of a rhizomatic matrix to tackle the omnipresent, decentralized power hierarchies that we internalize on a daily basis. In this work, the user is given the agency to draw their own correlation between image, sound and self while still being reminded of their limited influence in non-linear ways. 

I am very fascinated with notions of user agency and the politics behind the performative palette we are given online, with digital software and even in our own linguistic vocabulary. 

The sound in this piece takes the form of corporate sounding poems spoken by the disillusioned and highly auto-tuned voices of anonymous personas. It is clear that meaning is escaping them as they navigate the poorly translated language of digital consumer culture. The text had to do with hegemonic and normative power exerting itself on these personas in insidious ways. The text was rhizomatic, in its democratization of theoretical quotations from The Rhizome itself with advertising slogans, technical software terminology and personal creative writing.


This piece was performed live on November 30, 2018 at Crutch Contemporary Art Center. 


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