2021 University of Toronto: Daniels Faculty,Master of Visual Studies in Studio Art

2018 OntarioCollege of Art and Design: BFA with Distinction in Painting and Drawing,Minor in Integrated Media 

Solo& Two-Person Exhibitions

2023 on either side of a surface, ArsenalContemporary, Toronto

2023 in proximity to all those beautiful objects,Collision Gallery, Toronto

2021 being both opened up and flattened, DanielsFaculty Architecture and Design Gallery, University of Toronto

2019 AnInfinite Loop in the Virtual Plaza, Crutch Contemporary Art Center, Toronto

2018 figuresof distance, Queen Specific, curated by Shell Projects, Toronto

2018 how doesa jpg feel against your skin? In collaboration with Blair Swann, 156 StudioProjects, Toronto

Selected  Group Exhibitions/Screenings

2022 Terms andExpectations, curated by Barbara Cueto & Bas Hendrikx, InterAccess,Toronto

2022 Ships at Night, CollisionGallery, Toronto

2021 BigArtTO, screeningseries curated by Tobias Williams and Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto

2021 MoveObjects.on, curatedby Emma Green and Alison Postma, The Plumb, Toronto 

2020 Movements, online exhibitionhosted by TPW, Toronto

2020 The Days Are Just Packed, ThePool, Heybeliada, Istanbul, Turkey

2020 Accumulations (, curated byDaniel Lichtman, online

2020 View Recent Changes (, curated byHearth as apart of Vector Festival, online

2019 Rhizome Parking Garage Int’l, ( Pavilion, The Wrong Biennial, Curated by Ian Bruner

2019 Supermarket Art Fair, boothpresented by Ed Video,Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Preservation and Permanence InterAccess, Toronto

2018 Puddles Project, curated by Duncan Herd, site specific Installation inTokyo, Japan

2018 Cybernetics, curatedby Grey93 and Uma Vespaziani, The Costume House, Toronto

2018 bio/power, Ada SlaightGallery, Toronto

2018 Don'tWorry, it’s just another White Exhibition, Curated by Matthew Kyba, Bunker2, Toronto 

2017 Care,Roundtable Residency Closing Exhibition, The Dragon Academy, Toronto 

2017 VPNto IRL, curated by Tak Pham, Xpace Cultural Center in conjunction withImages Festival, Toronto  


2021- 2023,Artist in Residence, Collision Studios “Incubator,” Toronto

2018Artist in Residence, The Brandscape by Tough Guy Mountain, Toronto

2018Artist in Residence, 156 Studio Projects, Toronto

2017Artist in Residence, Roundtable Residency, Toronto


2023 Exhibition Review, ScanningSlippages & Copy/pasted identities for Peripheral Review

2022 Exhibition Essay(co-writer), Indelible Discardsgroupexhibition, XpaceCultural Centre, guest curated by Bunker 2, (co-curator) Toronto

( )

2021 Exhibition Essay (co-writer), AList of Antagonisms, Toronto, ON, featuring HibaAbdallah, curated by Bunker 2, in collaboration with LongWinter, (organizer and co-curator), Toronto (

2020 Contributor in TheTulip, Volume 1, edited by Veronika Ivanova and Sean Stewart

2019  Exhibition Essay (co-writer) Unscheduled Arrivals,group exhibition, Bunker2, Toronto (

2019 Exhibition Essay (co-writer) LookingDown from Up (co-curated with Alana Traficante and InuitArt Foundation)online exhibition. (

2019 Exhibition Essay (co-writer), ScaffoldsI can no longer see in collaboration withPhilip Ocampo, InterAccess Gallery (

2019 Exhibition Essay WickedGame by Emily Harrison,Xpace Cultural Center


2019 Contributor in CoolCustomer Volume 1 edited by Jessy Kitchen and Kenley Blackwood

2018 Exhibition Essay, Entanglement, RoundtableResidency Closing Exhibition

2018 Exhibition Text (co-writer), Whose Line is it Anyway in collaboration withRowan Lynch, 8eleven Gallery (


2022 An Ant in the Mouth of a Furnace, featuring monica mariamoraru, curated by Bunker 2 as apart of Contact Photography Festival(co-curator), Toronto

2022 IndelibleDiscards, group exhibition, Xpace Cultural Centre, guest curated byBunker 2, (co-curator) Toronto

2021 A List of Antagonisms, Toronto, ON, featuring Hiba Abdallah,curated by Bunker 2, in collaboration with Long Winter, (organizer and co-curator),Toronto

2019 ScaffoldsI can no longer see, group exhibition, InterAccess, (co-curated with Philip Ocampo), Toronto

2019 LookingDown from Up (co-curated with Alana Traficante and Inuit ArtFoundation) Gallery 44,online exhibition

2019 UnscheduledArrivals, group exhibition, Bunker 2,  (organizer and co-curator),Toronto 

2019 Bunker 3, featuring Colin Rosati, Bunker 2(organizer and co-curator),Toronto 

2019 A FaultLine in me is a Fault Line in You featuring Max Lester, Bunker2, (organizerand co-curator), Toronto 

Auctions,Sales and Fundraisers

2022Peripheral Review 2022 Auction, hosted online Peripheral Review, Toronto

2021 C Magazine Online ContemporaryArt Auction, C Magazine, Toronto

2021 Salon 44, Gallery 44,Toronto

2020 Technical Difficulties: Giftsby Artists, Art Metropole, Toronto

2020 Photorama: Future Editions, TPW,Toronto

2020 Salon 44, Gallery 44, Toronto

2019 Photorama, TPW, Toronto

2019 Salon 44, Gallery 44, Toronto

2019, Xpace Annual Fundraiser, XpaceCultural Center, Toronto 

2018 Photorama, TPW, Toronto

Awards/ Grants 

2022Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2020 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant, University of Toronto 

2019Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Toronto 

2018Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2018Project 31 Integrated Media Award 

2016Marsh Urquhart Memorial Scholarship, Ontario College of Art and DesignUniversity

2015Curry’s Art Award Scholarship, Ontario College of Art and Design University

2013 AdaSlaight Scholarship, Ontario College of Art and Design University


2019 Artists on Artists Tour Series, Tour on Age of You, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto

2019 Sonic Art Series: Sound and Performance, HAVN, Hamilton

2018 Open_File, Panel Discussion, CrutchContemporary Art Center, Toronto

2018 Sound II, Sound Art Performance, Crutch Contemporary Art Center,Toronto

2018Baconitiate, curated by Xuan Ye, Live Video Projection, TheBrandscape, Tough Guy Mountain, Toronto 

2017 Sunday Scene, Lecture on Amalia Pica’s Ears to Speak of, The Power Plant,Toronto

2017 Student Night No. 5, Live VideoProjection in collaboration with Benedicte, The Power Plant, Toronto

2017Featured Artist, Critique Club, OCAD University


2019 Feature: Journal Fyi.

2019 Feature:“Non-linear ethics and transgression,” Angel Callander, SupermarketArtist-Run Magazine, Issue 9, Temporary Moratorium, All Allowed?

2019 Review: “How does a .jpg feel againstyour skin,” Shauna Jean Doherty PeripheralReview

2018 Review: Roundtable Residency, ChristHampton, Canadian Art, Winter 2018, Print 

2017 Review: VPN to IRL & Mehrnaz Roubakhash at Xpace, byTerence Dick

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