Sophia Oppel

Sophia Oppel / Residual Image

This piece explores the layers of digital mediation and augmentation that thwart and frame our physical perception. Images of bodies are photoshopped, scanned, photocopied, and then re-interpreted with gestural oil paint. These hybridized digital-physical objects create a cyborg dialogue between the visceral and the branded to describe fragmented identity.

Blue polystyrene is an unusual painting surface, but one that I found captivating and relevant in its implications of mass production and artificiality. The content of the work, photographs of bodies, have been degraded through compression, selection, subtraction and overlay. The translation of these digitized bodies back into a physical form forces the viewer to confront virtuality in a visceral way. Furthermore, my physical brushstrokes exist next to digital brush-strokes so that the two frame and camouflage each other, creating an uncertain, layered experience. 

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